Judy Chu

I believe that Judge Kavanaugh should be disqualified by his comments on presidential power. Kavanaugh has publicly expressed his belief that the President cannot be criminally charged while in office. Surely Trump was aware of his position when nominating him, which is a conflict of interest as the Supreme Court is almost certain to hear a case involving the Mueller probe.”

If you aren’t from the Los Angeles area, you might not know who Representative Judy Chu (CA-27) is. Unlike another of our local Representative Adam Schiff (who Older Son worked for in both Rep Schiff’s Burbank and DC offices.*) Judy Chu isn’t on the national stage as much.

But boy oh boy, I wouldn’t mess with her. After I moved, I went from Schiff’s district to Chu’s district. Although Schiff is as hard working and staunch as they come, Chu is the kind of person you wouldn’t be surprised to see hand her purse off to a bystander before wading in to break up a fight.

Representative Chu was the first Asian American woman elected to the House in 2009. Her career in politics started at the local level and moved slowly but surely to the national level. Chu won a special election held when Hilda Solis left her seat to work in the Obama administration. Chu’s particular interests have been being part of the the Asian American Caucus as well as working with other caucuses within the House that represent the varied populations within her district. She also cares about intellectual property rights and small business concerns.  

There are roughly 2 million people in Chu’s district, 18 colleges and universities and about 69,000 small and medium  sized businesses. That’s a lot to keep track of. And keep track of it she does.

Please share with us the politicians who represent you and who don’t make the word politician sound like an insult.


*Yes, I am bragging. Older Son is lucky I didn’t have t-shirts and buttons made

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