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Judge John Hodgman

I LOVE this podcast. My dad loves this podcast. My dad and I don’t agree on anything. The Judge John Hodgman Podcast stars the pompous yet genuinely kind hearted “Judge” John Hodgman and his “Bailiff” Jesse Thorn deciding cases sent in by listeners. The first episode I listened to was between a married couple. One wanted a real Christmas tree in the house and the other was convinced it would catch fire and kill them all. Who’s right, who’s wrong? Only one man can decide.

Here is the blurb from this week’s episode, “Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn are in chambers this week so they can clear the docket! Friend (enemy?) of the court Elliott Kalan, joins them as they discuss tracking spouses on mobile apps, passing gas, setting clocks ahead, bedtimes and using kitchen appliances in the bedroom.”

The world is often a serious and scary place but during this podcast it is just plain old petty fun. Join in, you’ll be glad you did. Be aware, older episodes are not as family friendly as the newer ones. And if you have a dispute you’d like settled, the podcast wants to hear from you!

Update: this is still a great podcast. I appreciate it even more now that my life has become so small. These petty disputes make me laugh and the genuine love and affection between the friends and families who bring these complaints are a delight. Also, Hodgman gets better with every episode. I truly look forward to what he has to say at the end of the court cases. Always funny and increasingly thoughtful of the major changes taking place in al our lives, these little speeches are, at least for me, a highlight of the show.

I forgot to mention that people send in pictures of their pets to amuse Bailiff Jesse Throrn. It’s adorable.

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