Iris Apfel Talent Crush

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel designed jewelry for Macy’s a few years ago and I bought some chunky bracelets that I wear all the time. Secret to wearing chunky bracelets to a meal? Take them off and put them in your purse when you sit down to eat then slide them back on when you get up. That might very well be my one and only bit of fashion advice. I really have nothing else.

Iris Apfel has TONS of fashion advice. And it is way better than mine. The documentary Iris (on Netflix) is excellent and there are a few books about Apfel that I checked out from the library. The main takeaway seems to be that Apfel loves living. Everything else she did or accomplished grew out of her enthusiasm for life.

Also, you don’t need money to be stylish. Apfel talks about her mother’s ability to dress up or down a simple dress with accessories and that a cleverly arranged scarf does wonders. That being said, Apfel had and still has a staggering amount of couture clothing. She is slowly donating a good amount of it to the Peabody Essex . Apfel takes fashion in stride, a part of her everyday life but there is deep knowledge and literally decades of work behind what seems effortless. Style can’t be taught but it can be learned. And Iris Apfel has been a student all her life.

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