I have to be honest, I really hate dealing with Instagram. It’s a deeply frustrating experience and I can’t understand why. I am good at complicated. But there is something about Instagram’s entire system that just burns my cheese. It’s as if I am dealing with something that has become something it was never meant to be.

I like looking at Instagram. Sort of. It gets boring pretty quickly. Except Animals Doing Things. That is the best! Who’s a good doggie? They all are!

But aside from that, it all ends up running together and not really doing that much. It’s like the short joy of people watching that after a few minutes wears thin since everyone wears kind of the same clothes and tows or pushes their kids around in the same things. Then it’s just waiting for someone who’s walking and looking at their phone to run into someone else who is walking and looking at their phone. I think that’s the very definition of that German word that means enjoying someone else’s misfortune. Derarseholen?

That’s what Instagram feels like to me. And it is a pain in the ass to populate. The system is so frustrating if you want to prepost and not spend your life in their damn app….oh, maybe that is why it’s such a pain. Maybe they want you to spend half your life in the app.

Whatever, one of these days we will be able to hire someone to do the Social Media and leave me free to tweet dumb comments.

Until then, sorry the Instagram is a little dull. I have no idea what I am doing, luckily Mandy at Media Mandy is trying to help me. It’s kind of like explaining tax law to the dog but she is very patient and I am committed to staying awake so maybe one day soon I will be able to pay her to do all this for me!

A middle-aged lady can hope.

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