Instagram mommy bloggers

Instagram Mommy Bloggers

I don’t hate social media. I barely engage with it. So having me write about mommy bloggers is pretty funny. Also, I don’t think they’re called mommy bloggers anymore. Influencers? Sounds too much like influenza for my comfort but whatever. I am all over women creating jobs they want for themselves.

So let’s do a google search for this. I’ll be back.

Okay, I’m old. And lazy. And fine with that. This instagram living looks like a tremendous amount of work. But there are a lot of checklists. I really liked that part. But does any of this look like fun?

Remember fun? Sometimes I can barely remember. It seems I only notice the social media messages that say I should be younger and thinner and blonder and calmer and more organized. I am also told I need a better car and a cleaner house and more talented children. I should be better at crafting and canning and engaging in a bunch of other activities I have zero interest in.

But what I really, really, really like about all the instagram mom influ-oggers (I combined influencer and blogger. It totally doesn’t work but I thought you would think it was funny so I left it in) is how much fun some of them seem to be having. They are having their version of fun and inviting other people to join in. And that is what I really like. I like women doing exactly what they want to do and then using social media to share it with others. I like that women figured out how to use modern technology to talk about canning. The subtle irony is awesome.

I will not waste your time recommending mom influ-oggers (I’m sticking with it) to you. Rather, I ask that you recommend some to us since I have no idea what I am doing here. We will reconvene in a month and hopefully talk about some of the influ-oggers you recommend.

That is a truly awful word I made up. Enjoy!

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