I feel bad about my neck reading challenge

I Feel Bad About My Neck

I miss Nora Ephron. I liked her movies and I liked her. She was very New York which can be very irritating to anyone who doesn’t live in New York but we forgave her because she couldn’t help it. New York people are just New York people. Like people who play a lot of golf or think you want to hear about football just as much as they want to talk about it, nothing to be done about these personality quirks but avoid or, if you love them, endure.

Anyway, Ephron’s book I Feel Bad About My Neck is just as funny and smart and charming as Ephron’s movies. Possibly more so because she didn’t have to run everything through Hollywood first. It’s a short book of short essays ranging from aging to real estate and always, in the background, New York City. Sometimes it’s hard to connect with the material because Ephron is from a different generation and she has lived a famous life. But she’s so honest and bright and engaging that it feels very much like getting to know someone over a cup of coffee.

And I miss her. What would she have to say about the times we live in? She disliked Bill Clinton so it seems unlikely she would have supported Hillary. Bernie? Who knows. I wish she was here to tell us.

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