Gov. Janet Mills

Gov Janet Mills

Gov Janet Mills signed Executive Order 1 on her second day as Governor of Maine, making 70,000 more Mainers eligible for health insurance. The former governor, Paul LePage, refused to expand Medicaid coverage even though the population of Maine voted to expand it during his tenure.

Is Medicaid expansion expensive? Yes. Can it put a strain on existing medical infrastructure? Yes. Are voters aware of these facts? Yes. And they vote to expand coverage in state after state. Why? Because people are beginning to believe access to affordable healthcare is a right guaranteed by the government. Oh and how the Republicans hate that.

Why? They can no longer claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility. Not with the way the national debt had ballooned. That ship has sailed, hit a reef and sank. So what is their problem? Healthy poor people are not going to keep them in power.

Gov. Mills kept a key campaign promise by expanding medicaid. Having one more Democrat elected to Governor is a key win. We need more Democratic governors. Gerrymandering Republicans have redrawn districts to favor their base as Democrats have focused on Presidential and Senatorial races.

And Maine’s former governor, Paul LePage’s administration spent 22k on hotel rooms and meals, 10k of it at the Trump hotel in DC. LePage was a fiscal conservative who supported telling food stamp recipients which foods they could and couldn’t buy but spent lavishly on himself and those within his administration. No Doritos for poor people but filet mignon for the staff!

We need better leaders. Let’s hope Mills is one of them.

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