GOTV Recipe Challenge


It’s a week late, but the food we ate while getting out the vote is still worth sharing. Enjoy!

Burritos! Donuts! Ice Cream! Asian Fusion! And that was just Saturday.

We had some very good food while in the Fresno area and we would like to share some of it with you.

I already talked about Los Agaves, the little restaurant in Parlier that fed me a chicken burrito that prompted me to consider moving so I could eat one every week. Then we had dinner at a little place called Little Leaf Tea, which made mixed drinks of vodka and tea infusions. Felicia and Christine ordered them, I chickened out and got a vodka soda.

Then we had some of the most delicious cinnamon churro ice cream I have ever had in a thin but strong freshmade chocolate waffle cone at G’s Creamery.

Our breakfast at the motel was okay, plentiful and the eggs weren’t the worst things I have ever eaten. The first morning we were there a group of French tourists were staying at the motel (we were staying at a motel that caters to people traveling to Yosemite). The breakfast was so frustrating since this group of French people had apparently never seen a crappy chain motel free breakfast and had no real idea how to handle it. At one point one of us muttered under her breath all sorts of swear words and invectives against their parents and grandparents. And for once, it wasn’t me all pissed off! I’d taken an Ativan the night before so I was juuuuust fine waiting. Until some French guy spent an entire minute deciding if he wanted the stale biscuit to go with his rubbery eggs. Then I got a little pissed but I held it together like the carefully medicated middle aged white lady I am.

He didn’t get the biscuit, good call Pierre!

What else did we eat? We got some underwhelming take out, oooooh we had Mountain Mike’s pizza which is still delicious. We ate absolutely delicous donuts from Donut Fantasy and got coffee from a Dutch Bros by our motel.

Side note, out motel was scrupulously clean. We got two rooms and I slept alone in one of them the first night and to my incredibly sensitive nose it stank like a humid locker room so the next morning at 7:20 I showed up at Christine and Felicia’s room with my suitcase and said, “Someone else is going to have to sleep in that stinky-ass room.”

Christine went and checked. She came back and said, “It’s fine,” rolled her eyes and moved her stuff. I am not easy to travel with so thanks Christine.

We left Fresno on Monday morning full of donuts and coffee, hoping that we hadn’t wasted everyone’s time with our efforts to help GOTV.

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