Goods Unite Us

Goods Unite Us

Goods Unite Us is an app as well as a website where you can go to gauge where corporations spend your money for their political gain. Tomorrow, I will be switching from AT&T who spend 73% of their political contributions toward Republicans to Verizon who are at least spending 52% to republicans and 48% to democrats. Not great but better than AT&T.

Let’s see who else will be losing a few of my pennies. I highly recommend this app, especially after this Supreme Court Debacle.

Anthropologie (Urban Outfitters) sends 80% of its political money to Republicans.

Target is 50/50 and they contribute a lot of money so not great.

Crap. Well, better to know the truth. Let’s see how Amazon rates. Amazon is 70% Democratic but they donate a lot of money so good and bad.

Apple 90% Democratic.

Chipotle 99% Democratic.

McDonald’s is 59% Republican.

Krispy Kreme is 100% Republican.

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