Good and Mad Reading Challenge

Good and Mad

Sometimes the books I pre-order match what is happening in my life. Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister is one of those books. I think this is a book that will engender many different reviews and reactions.

But what about mine? I have to say that I had a hard time getting into it. I generally skip Introductions and after wading through two pages of this one, I went to Chapter One.

And Chapter Two. And then I stopped. Went back to read Chapter One.

Was it me? I’m off my antidepressant medication schedule and so my brain felt a bit ham salad so I set the book aside for a day and then picked it back up yesterday.

And read literally 2 sentences before my dad called. He lives in a seniors only apartment and he wanted a ride to see his dermatologist. And since he offered lunch as the carrot, off I went. And then Older Son was home for a night and Spectrum Cable gave me the run around and here the post is due and the book isn’t read.

So I don’t know what I think of this book because for the first time since we started this, I haven’t read the book!

Let me look around the web to see if anyone interesting has anything worthwhile to say. Be back.

Here you go, Danielle Kurtzleben‘s review of Good and Mad for NPR is exactly what I was looking for.

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