Frozen Food From Trader Joe's

Frozen Food From Trader Joe’s

Ever peer into the frozen food case at all those boxes of food and think, “I wonder if that is any good?” And then you keep going because it’s expensive or you feel guilty? I do it all the time at Trader Joe’s but no more! To go along with making a bunch of box mix bakery goods, I am going to pick up, heat up and consume all the frozen foods I have been eyeing from the frozen food section at Trader Joe’s.

I can practically feel you rolling your eyes and that is okay. I feel a wee bit of shame myself but then I started pitching boxes of finger foods into my cart and that shame evaporated. I picked up three things for this week. I hope it occurred to me to take a picture of the boxes because I do not remember what I bought, heated up and ate.

Okay, I did take a picture, I’m not a total loss here. Mini vegetable samosas, chicken shu mai and chicken spring rolls.

I made all of these little lovelies in my air fryer. My friend Anna said I had to get one and Anna knows of what she speaks. The air fryer is awesome. On to the frozen food from Trader Joe’s.

The vegetable samosas heated up very well, crispy on the outside and nice and hot on the inside. The flavor was better than I thought it would be, a little sweet at the beginning and then spicy at the end.

The chicken shu mai were awful but that is my fault. I didn’t read the heating instructions because I was trying to do two things at once and failed at both of them. They need to be steamed and I just chucked them into the air fryer’s dry heat. The dipping sauce they came with was good.

The chicken spring rolls were so so good! The air fryer was the perfect way to heat them up. Crispy, tasty and super good with the dipping sauce from the botched shu mai.

I will buy the spring rolls again, they worked perfectly in the airfryer and they were yummy. The samosas were okay but the sweet and then spicy kind of threw me off. I should try the shu mai again because that was all my fault.

This week’s winner was the chicken spring rolls so if you are going to Trader Joe’s, pick up a box. And if you don’t have an air fryer, get one!

You can make croutons in it.

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