Fridge Sandwiches

As usual, I was so busy congratulating myself for keeping up with the recipe challenge that I totally fell down on the job for this week. So I am going to share with you one of the things I do to keep myself fed that doesn’t involve a trip through the drive thru. Fridge Sandwiches!

Okay, I know it sounds weird but hear me out.

I buy a baguette from the store, a long skinny one, and then I buy lunch meat and pre-sliced cheese. Then I make sure I have butter and plastic wrap.

Here would be a good place for an ingredient list.

  • One store bought baguette. You can make one if you want. No judgment, safe space.
  • At least half a pound of lunch meat you really like. I like Columbus turkey breast I get from Trader Joe’s.
  • Sliced cheese you like. I use muenster, pre-sliced, again from Trader Joe’s.
  • I use butter as a spread rather than mayo or mustard. Mayo can be a ticking time bomb if left out of the fridge too long. Also, I love butter. Use what you like. Older son uses hummus.
  • Plastic wrap to wrap the sandwiches and store in the fridge. If you are opposed to  plastic wrap, use what you like but be aware the sandwiches might dry out faster.


  • Cut the pointy ends off the baguette then either snack on them as you make the sandwich or save them and have them with some soup.

  • Split the baguette, like you would a bagel, horizontally. This takes some practice and a relatively good bread knife but don’t worry if the top is thicker than the bottom or vice versa. It’s all going the same place, in your belly. Also, no one here is trying to be camera ready. It’s a sandwich.
  • Spread butter on one side of the bread. I use a good amount because I love butter. You’ve made yourself a sandwich or toast before, use as much spread as you like. You can put one kind of spread on one side and another type on the other side if you want. I used to put butter on both sides of the bread and then I realized I was buttering my cheese. That’s a bit much, even for me.
  • Put the meat on the side of the bread you put the spread on.
  • Put the cheese on top of the meat. You can break the cheese into triangles like they do at Subway. I break the slices into rectangles because I don’t want anything hanging off my sandwich.
  • Do not give in to convention and put produce on your sandwich. You are playing the long sandwich game here. These things are going to sit in the fridge for a few days, they might ride to work with you or the park or whatever deranged sporting activity you engage in. Remember this simple equation: Time+lettuce+tomato= limp and gross. Eat a salad later or some carrots. Don’t ruin this.  
  • Now you are ready to cut your long sandwich up into shorter sandwiches. How much sandwich do you want per serving? You can cut it in half, in thirds, fourths (that’s what I do) and on and on. If you are getting down to eight pieces then the sandwiches are getting pretty small but I do that in the summer. I graze all day rather than eat an entire meal.

  • How to have even sized sandwiches? If this concerns you, that is okay. It concerns me. You can get out a tape measure, yardstick or ruler. Again, no judgment. Do what you need to do. I eyeball the first cut then line up one piece under the other and cut those two in half and end up with four relatively even sandwiches. Sometimes when I get them all exactly the same size I feel a deep sense of satisfaction. This does not happen very often to me while in the kitchen.
  • Wrap each sandwich in plastic wrap. Wrap them tightly, squishing the sandwiches a little but don’t go overboard and flatten them. You want them as airtight as you can get them.

  • Throw them in the fridge. You now have sandwiches ready to eat. Look at you, feeding yourself like an adult. I’m so proud.
  • Now go take a nap.
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