France is a Feast

France Is A Feast

The bulk of France is a Feast is photographs and most of them do not have Julia Child in them. So maybe check this book out from the library before you buy it? I thought the pictures were beautiful, often stark and always technically brilliant. There is also a picture of Julia without her clothes on. I am fine with it but I don’t want you  to go get it then find that picture and think, “Eeeek! She could have told me!”

The main topic of the book is black and white photographs Paul took during the time when Paul and Julia lived in France. The book also talks about Paul’s ideas about art and expression. There are many excerpts from the many, many letters Paul wrote to his brother. Taken as a whole the book is a remarkable record of the life Paul and Julia lived before Julia became America’s favorite cooking teacher. Their lives are so different than anything I have ever lived or even known. It is easy to feel these were people doing not much of anything except entertaining themselves and putting together art shows to try and convince the French to like American culture (sorry Paul, that was an uphill battle no one could have won). But what they were doing was important. They were incubating a food revolution, one that Julia would be the face of but she would have never gotten to it if it wasn’t for Paul.

Paul and Julia Child adored France and it’s just our luck that Paul kept such an excellent record of the entire affair.

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