flu defeats the focus group

Flu Defeats the Focus Group

For about 7 months, Felicia and I have been trying to set up focus groups to talk about a product we are designing. We came very close right around January but, if you read Monday’s post, you will know that I got the flu (along with thousands of others) and that defeated the focus group.

And we haven’t been able to get back on track since.

It has been frustrating to have what we know to be a good idea and yet our personal lives keep flaring up to the point where we are barely getting our blog content up. Never mind moving a product through development and then getting it out to the public.

There were a few weeks there when I could barely get myself out of the house.

We keep saying, “Next week we will get back on track, we are going to move forward on this,” and then someone moves or a kid ends up in the ER or a myriad of other family related issues crops up. When you are the primary parent, having a life outside your family is practically impossible.

Add in a divorce, two moves, one kid graduating from college, the other from high school…you get the picture.

We are hopeful that this is the week that will free up some time to move forward. Because no matter what comes up, the thing that really matter is that we keep trying. These have been the most difficult years of my life so far. But, working on this business and blog has, in a way, helped me get through.

Felicia and I have been friends since we were eleven years old. This September, we will turn 46. That’s 35 years.

If we can get through high school together, we can get through this. We just have to keep thinking that tomorrow will be the day, next week will be the time. If we show up, if we keep talking and if we do our best this will happen.

We have two superpowers between us. I am too dense to know when to quit trying and Felicia is excellent at email.

Together we can do anything.


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