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Flock and Fowl

Another restaurant review instead of a recipe completed? Yes. Luckily, no other failure has been quite this delicious. This week we are in Las Vegas for a conference and rather than make two recipes and bank one for the week I wouldn’t be home I just ate delicious chicken someone else made.

How to talk about Flock and Fowl without gushing or crying? I love fried chicken. It was my mother’s speciality. Most restaurant fried chicken is greasy and the meat is dry. Not so at Flock and Fowl. They make chicken wings that will make you want to lay down and scream. Then there is slaw and potato salad and cucumber salad and a rum punch you can buy an entire PUNCHBOWL of. Everything is fresh and delicious and Felicia is looking to see if we have enough time and money to go there again for dinner tonight. It isn’t expensive but 50 bucks for two (with booze) is still a lot for a blog that makes no money. So wish us luck and if you are ever in Las Vegas, give this place a try.

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