First ladies do not get paid

First Ladies Don’t Get Paid: Unpaid Labor in the White House

What’s that you said? Did you hear that correctly? Yes, you did. First Ladies Do Not Get Paid. They are expected to be the social face of the nation, come up with a charity program, look trim, young for their age, and happy (but not too happy) all while supporting everything their husband does.

And, although I can’t believe we have to say this, don’t wear clothing with thoughtless slogans on it.

Oh Melania. When will the nightmare end?

Women who become First Lady are expected to give up their careers but are not offered any compensation for the work they do. Why do we still have this system in place? Why does a person who married someone who becomes President have to give up their entire life just because their spouse was elected President? Trump’s kids still work (and run up huge security detail bills on their business trips) so why can’t a President’s wife?

She could open a Chick-fil-a franchise (that was a little Scott Pruitt joke there).

But seriously, why don’t we pay First Ladies for the work they do? Why are we making spouses time travel back to a time when wives were often fully dependent on their husbands for money?

Let’s either pay these women a salary or cut back the role of First Lady to appearances at State Dinners and Easter Egg Rolls and lighting Christmas Trees (or Menorahs) and other crap like that.

Except…it appears Melania has figured out a side hustle with Getty Images. Should we say good for her?

Read the reporting and decide for yourself.


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