FedEx Small Business Grant Persistiny

FedEx Small Business Grant

We entered the FedEx Small Business Grant contest! What is that, you say? It’s a contest sponsored each year by FedEx. Qualifying companies can enter by filling out a short application starting February 1st through March 25th. Friends, family and fans of your business can vote once a day from February 27th through April 1st. The top 100 finalists are announced on April 5th. From those finalists, FedEx selects 10 winners, 1 gold who receives $50,000, 1 silver who receives $30,000 and 8 bronze winners who receive $15,000.

If you own a small business, you know just how much those funds  can accomplish. For that reason, I have three things to tell you about the contest:

  1. We’re super excited about our entry, so we’ll be reminding you to VOTE a lot over the next month. Bear with us, funding for small businesses is difficult and competitive. If you’ve followed our business, or are interested in seeing our first app, Tend come to life, please vote every day, share posts and tell your friends.
  2. There are SO many cool companies that apply for this grant. Over the 7 years that FedEx has been sponsoring the contest, over 20,000 small businesses have applied. One of my favorite past winners from 2018 is Blended Designs. Take some time to dig around and see if there are businesses you’d like to support and throw them a vote!
  3. If you have a small business that qualifies, enter today! The application is easy relative to other grant applications and you never know, you just might win.

I won’t bore you with the statistic for capital granted to female and WOC businesses. It’s dismal. This is a small opportunity for you to help out a business you believe in without breaking out your checkbook. Check it out!

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