I am old enough to remember when Facebook was new. I am also old enough to remember when you didn’t have to carefully curate your feed because everyone hadn’t yet been poisoned by the dumpster fire that was the 2016 election.

Do I like Facebook? I like it more than Instagram. I think it is easier to use and like that it’s easy to link out of and into other places like news sites or Bored Panda.

I don’t get lost in Facebook the way I used to. I go directly to the news sites, I don’t really care what’s going on with people I went to high school with unless I am still in text contact with them and that about covers what people do on Facebook.

I do like the closed Facebook Groups I am part of. Those seem useful. I think you are getting the sense of how underwhelmed I am. It’s okay. If it dried up and blew away tomorrow, would I be sad?

Not really. You could just email me.

Also, there are newsletters. Lots of really, really good newsletters.

Enter the old fashioned newsletter! Not the mimeographed tri-fold the local “left-leaning loonies” (as papa called them) used to send out every month to your nana. Here’s an example of one from the Nassau County Library Association. The part about Bellflower, California putting a Christian Bookstore out of business in hopes of getting rid of massage parlors is probably my favorite part.

The modern day emailed newsletters are treasure troves of links to interesting, challenging and sometimes downright hilarious corners of the internet. Overwhelmingly, these are places trolls find no traction. The comments sections are either nonexistent or carefully moderated.

Newsletters can help you curate your inbox so you no longer enrage yourself on facebook. Give them a try.

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