Elena Kagan Talent Crush

Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Let us pause in our praise of Notorious RBG for just a moment and have a look down the bench at Elena Kagan. Forget she has to sit next to the new guy who, let’s face it, not everyone is particularly thrilled with, and get to know Justice Kagan. She worked for Bill Clinton so some people don’t like her for that. She’s never been a trial lawyer so some people have a problem with her for that. She was appointed by President Obama. She’s Jewish. She went to Princeton, Oxford and Harvard. Oh my God! She was born in Manhattan?

The strikes are piling up here. East coast elite, Ivory tower, out of touch with the common man…blah-bidity-blah-bidity-blah.

Why aren’t we over this idea that highly qualified people shouldn’t hold really difficult jobs? Where did this dumb idea come from and when will it go back under the rock it crawled out from under? If my head fell off, I would want the best head reattachment surgeon in the country to put my dumb head back on. And so should you.

And Elena Kagan is, in this scenario, the best head reattachment surgeon to come along in awhile. She clerked for Justice Thurgood Marshall. He called her ‘Shorty’ for goodness sake. My dear fellow humans, I am not an advocate of chasing a brand name college education. I will eventually write a long article about the wonders of Junior College. But, if your Supreme Court Justice happened to go to Harvard, I wouldn’t instantly call that out as a mark against them.

And you know what? Justice Gorsuch went to Columbia, Oxford and Harvard. And where were all the conservative cries of East Coast Elite Ivory Tower Out of Touch with the Common Man? Hold your hand up to your ear and all you will hear is one lone cricket, rolling its eyes and signing at how stupid we humans can be.


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