Countable App Review


If you don’t have the Countable app, I highly recommend getting it. What does it do?

There’s a FEED feature that is very similar to all social media platforms in that it is a mix of proposed federal legislation and original content in the form of news articles about topics such as DACA, evolving EPA scandals, and the evolving tariffs on Chinese imports. Sometimes there are polls about political stories.

  • There’s a BILLS feature and this is where the app shines. It gives a thoughtful and unbiased summary of bills before the House and Senate.  You can vote Yea or Nay and leave a comment supporting your vote. I vote but I don’t comment and I never read the comments because they tend to be very partisan. There’s information telling you who sponsored the bill and projections regarding how much it will cost to implement. It also shows who supports the bill. Rule of thumb, when the United States Chamber of Commerce supports something, read the fine print because the bill is probably not meant to benefit ordinary people. There’s also information about the bill’s progress through the legislative machine.
  • When you sign up for the app, you find out who represents you on the federal level. The app facilitates communication between you and your representatives. The communication is usually in the form of emails but it’s better than nothing. I imagine in these altered political times emails probably get a bit more weight than they used to.
  • You can also sign up for notifications that let you know when and how your representative voted on specific bills and whether the bill passed or failed.

This sounds like a lot of information and it is. That being said, all the information is concise, there are plenty of links if you want to do a deeper dive and as long as you stay away from the comments you can get a pretty clear idea of what the legislative branch is wasting your money on.

Just a little joke there for my dad. It’s a great app, I like to think of it as a gateway to bigger political engagement which if you have cable would be C-Span. I love C-Span. Do they have an app? They do! The internet is an ongoing opportunity to both expand my mind and waste my time.

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