Company Description

Persistiny is a company that is inspired by supporting women where they are. This means creating a non judgemental community that acknowledges the current realities of women’s lives and strives toward true gender equality.  We aspire to build a company that publishes mobile apps and digital content that help women to live the lives that they want, whether that be single, married, childfree, raising a family, or building a career. We believe in women supporting other women.  Period.

What does that mean?  It means that we think women are incredible.  In many ways, they hold together the fabric of our families and of our communities. But in our modern culture, much of the work they do is under appreciated. Our ultimate goal is to shed light on the massive economic and social value of unpaid and under compensated work performed by women.

Here we hope to build an interactive online community and social media presence that is safe, supportive and encouraging. Our original and curated content encourages women to speak about their experiences and learn from one another. In addition to a regular blog covering topics from the lighthearted to the deeply meaningful, we review digital media and other mobile apps that align with our mission. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll highlight the amazing and impactful work that women are doing every day that inspires us.