Civics 101 part 2

Civics 101 Podcast Part 2

Pivot is a great word taken over by business types and made cringeworthy. They did the same to silo. But NPR’s excellent podcast, Civics 101, has created a part 2 and pivoted toward classroom education. And since it’s NPR, they’ve done a bang-up job of it.

If you have kids in middle school or high school, I highly recommend this particular resource. Summer is upon us and in many areas there is no end in sight to all this sitting around and getting on each other’s nerves. If your kids aren’t interested in it, give it a whirl yourself. As usual, I am going to quote from NPR’s webpage rather than reinvent their wheel.

“The single greatest compliment Civics 101 can receive is that you use it in some way with your students. Whether it’s assigning episodes as a primer before class, listening to the show in class, entering our student contest, or (my personal favorite) having students put in headphones and take a walk; we want to do whatever we can to support you and your teaching.

We have created Graphic Organizers on which students can take notes while listening, offer timestamped transcripts for all episodes, and cut our more recent episodes into 3-7 minute segments for easier use in class. All of these are available on the page for each episode.

If you’ve had any success using the show in your classroom, we’d love to hear what you did so we can share it with others. Drop me an email anytime,, and I promise we’ll get back to you. Furthermore, if any of you would be interested in contributing lesson plans paired with our episodes, please send us a message, we’d love to collaborate.”

The original post we wrote in 2018 about this excellent NPR podcast can be found here. Happy learning!

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