Calendar Apps

Calendar Apps

While we were talking about apps to review, calendar apps didn’t occur to me.  I use my calendar app many, many times a day.  And there are many, many, many of them.  My older son prefers Google calendar.  I use the one loaded onto my phone when I bought it.  I like that it communicates with the calendar on my husband’s phone as well as the calendar on my computer and tablet.

And that is about as much thought as I have ever given to calendar apps.  Is there much more thought to give?  I’m going to the app store to check, I’ll be back.

Holy bananas, there are a ton of them. 

I really like the calendar app that came with my phone, but now I am wondering if there is something better out there, something that can do more than help me not forget a dentist appointment.

A lot of these calendar apps charge a fee to download and then some of them even have a monthly subscription fee and some have a yearly fee.  Hmmm.  Pay money for something that comes loaded on my phone for free? That hurts my cheap little heart.

I am what my family politely calls “careful with money.”  I have a friend who likes to reframe her cheapness as being eco-groovy.  She never buys anything new until she has exhausted every option she can try that she already has at home.  Repurposing is the eco-groovy term.  She and I couldn’t be happier to follow a lot of the suggestions that help shrink our carbon footprint.

Being cheap could help save the planet!  I mean…uh…being careful with money. Anyway, paying for a calendar app is out.  Until something better and freeeeeeeee comes along, I will stick with the one already on my phone. 

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