Brené Brown Talent Crush

Brené Brown

I was introduced to Brené Brown by a friend who recommended an online wholehearted parenting course to me.  It was a beautiful course based on her book, Daring Greatly, which combined artwork and journaling with lessons on parenting.  I was immediately hooked by Brené’s authenticity and subject matter. She studies the topics that are hard to talk about, but are integral to our human experience, shame and vulnerability.

She’s so authentic, that I sometimes forget that she’s a highly acclaimed author and researcher and think of her as my friend, Brené.  In fact, that was the first thing I thought when I watched her TED talk on vulnerability.  This is a woman that I could easily call friend. She is just the right proportion of humble and down to earth to intellectual and inspiring.

Brene Brown no longer does the online courses, but she still has this fabulous download about wholehearted parenting on her website, which I have posted above my desk.  I also highly recommend her TED talk on shame and every book that she’s ever written.  Get ready to be introspective.

Originally posted April 25, 2018

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