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Breaking Beauty

I think it’s funny that on the week we’ve devoted to talking about beauty, I planned a family vacation and made Aileen write all of the posts.  

She may not think she’s pretty at 46, but I think she’s gorgeous.  She has one of my favorite faces in the world. That said, she really doesn’t care about traditional beauty routines.  I do. I’ve always loved make-up and nail polish and skin care and jewelry and fashion. While I love a good moisturizer as much as the next gal, I’m not terribly fond of the crossover between beauty and wellness that capitalizes on the insecurities of women with pseudo science.

When I went in search of a beauty podcast, most of the shows I came across fell into this category, touting juice cleanses and detox programs and seaweed diets.  No thank you. Breaking Beauty does things a little differently.  They delve into the stories behind our favorite beauty brands, kind of like How I Built This for makeup.  

Their recent two part episode with the co-founder of M.A.C. Cosmetics, Frank Toskan was absolutely brilliant.  What an incredible story of tenacity and inclusion. I also loved Toskan’s take on makeup as being a tool of creative expression vs a mask, or something to make you look “better.”  If you love makeup and have ever used M.A.C. Cosmetics, give this a listen.

As I was exploring the webpage, I just came across another episode with beauty editor Jane Larkworthy that talks about B.S. beauty trends.  I’ve got it cued up and ready to go. I’ll let you know how it goes! In the meantime, send us your recommendations for beauty podcasts.

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