boxed brownie mix

Boxed Brownie Mix

I am not dodging the recipe challenge so much as cleaning out my cabinets. I have two boxed brownie mix and I don’t want to have to throw them out because I am making only cake.

And I wanted brownies.

I have tried to make brownies from scratch a few times. Moosewood Cookbook had a pretty good recipe but it takes forever to make. So a box mix for brownies is an excellent option.

Six and I made them last night. After making all baked goods from scratch for the past few months, making something from a box mix was so quick and easy I am almost sorry I did it. One bowl, 5 minutes and into the oven the batter went.


  1. Buy a boxed brownie mix
  2. Buy whatever the box says it needs
  3. Put it all together
  4. Put the pan in the oven
  5. When the brownies are done, take pan out of oven
  6. Cool, then slice, then eat
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