I have booked a room while walking through Disneyland with a 4 year old in the stroller. That is no small feat made much easier by Maybe too easy. I have booked so many rooms at the last minute simply to avoid a long morning drive…it’s embarrassing, but true. is up there with Venmo and Yelp as apps that have made my life easier. I used Booking to make the reservation for the hotel room I am sitting in as I am writing this. Six got food poisoning and spent Friday being violently ill and I knew I had to work this weekend but I also knew I didn’t want Six to have to go to his dad’s because he isn’t quite as comfortable there as he is at home. So I knew I needed a last minute reservation and there’s music festivals and BET Experience going on in Southern California this weekend and I thought, “Well, we’ll spend a nice weekend in Monrovia. It’ll be fine.” Then Booking had a room at the Westin Bonaventure a groovy hotel built in 1974 (and absolutely looks it) and I grabbed it! It is horribly expensive and I totally can’t afford it but I really wanted to work and I really didn’t want to stay in Monrovia (although Monrovia has a lovely Old Town and it would have been fine).

But made it possible to stay where I wanted when I wanted to stay there. The app is very easy to use and I have found their rating system useful. The filter feature gives you a lot of options to help you sort through the hotels and motels on offer.

Give it a whirl, and we will be staying in Monrovia or Arcadia soon so heads up for that fun travel guide!

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