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Years ago, a woman named Paula Begoun was on Oprah promoting a book called Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me. I was fascinated by what she was saying. Women spent millions and millions of dollars on lotions and make-up? My mom put baby oil on her face after a shower. She used lotion that came in a tall, yellow bottle we bought at Gemco. The parade of beautifully designed and packaged products was dizzying. My mom had none of this stuff. What the hell was it all for? A few years later I met Felicia and by extension her mom, Stephanie. Her mom had all sorts of stuff like the stuff I saw on Oprah.

Felicia didn’t have any of this stuff, she was only 11, but she knew what it was. For the next 35 years, Felicia has answered all my questions about this stuff. When we did our photoshoot, it took two trips to Sephora to kit me out with enough crap so I didn’t look haggard. I still have it all. Haven’t used any of it since.

All that being said, I have itchy skin. If you have been reading most of these posts, you now know a lot about me. Sorry.

Anyway, I went to see a dermatologist and he said I’m not allergic to anything besides walnuts and unless I live in a walnut tree (I don’t) that isn’t the problem.

“Get some lotion.”

Thanks doctor understatement. Has this man been in the lotion aisle lately? It’s worse than the cereal aisle. What to buy?

Standing in the lotion aisle, genteelly hyperventilating, I remembered the lady on Oprah and her book. I quickly googled the book title and the website Beautypedia came up. A website by the lady who wrote that book on Oprah!

“Oh thank god,” I said, at regular volume. A lady standing next to me looked over. I told her about the website. She whipped out her phone and said, “What is it again?”

And so we stood there and figured out which lotions to buy. Beautypedia doesn’t only review upscale brands found at cosmetic counters (or Sephora) but many products found in the aisles of your local supermarket/drugstore. It has been a lifesaver for me. Felicia can be helpful but after so many years I really needed to get myself together on the beauty product front.

And here’s what I came up with. CeraVe. I use all their products. AM face lotion with spf 30, PM lotion with some other stuff in it, moisturizing lotion that comes in a plastic tub, makeup removing cloths to get my mascara off, and their moisturizing body wash. Oh, and their face wash. I don’t use eye cream because Beautypedia says I don’t need it and since I am cheap I am willing to follow that advice.

What else? The reviewers at Beautypedia like e.l.f. mascaras and certain inexpensive eye shadows. Is that 2 words or one? Eyeshadow. One.

I don’t wear much makeup. I look better with it on but I never got in the habit. But I am clean and moisturized. There’s my beauty regime. Clean and moisturize. Drink plenty of fluids. Get 12 hours of sleep a day. And you too won’t look a day over 47. Even though you are 45.

You’re welcome.

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