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If you want to make some of the recipes I have been stumbling and bumbling through, then head on over to barefootcontessa.com and start poking around. It is the best recipe webpage I have ever used. It is clean, easy to use, and it isn’t loaded with advertisemtns. I am leaving how badly I misspelled that word because I think you should know what a dunce I can be.

And there are videos! I’m going to go watch a few because working from home means you can watch videos on your computer while wearing pajamas and call it work. Be back.

Also, the recipes print up very well which brings me the fact I don’t own a single Contessa Garten cookbook. I used to. I owned almost all of them. But I only used a couple of recipes from each book and the books took up a lot of room in a house I never really figured out how to live in. So I marked all the recipes I had made or planned on making, looked them up on the internet, printed them out and put them in a three ring binder. And then I donated all my cookbooks. I now only own three cookbooks, all of them oddly from America’s Test Kitchen. We should probably talk about my America’s Test Kitchen obsession. Later.

Owning cookbooks doesn’t make a lot of sense for me since I am not an omnivore. The only ‘main dish’ proteins I eat are fish, chicken, eggs or turkey. I am dangerously allergic to walnuts and suspicious of pecans because they look so much alike. Buying a cookbook makes no sense for me. There are entire sections I won’t use. Crafting my own cookbook is great. I flip through it and can make everything in it. Some people could look at a pork recipe and figure out how it make it with chicken. I am obviously not one of those people.

I am in the process of making a notebook cookbook for Older Son. He now lives in a place with a kitchen that doesn’t appear as if most of the appliances will burst into flames so I think it’s finally safe to encourage his interest in cooking. Anyway, have a look around the website, I think you will find at least one recipe you will enjoy. But be warned, the chocolate cake with mocha frosting recipe is on the page and I have warned you against making it. It is too delicious.

It’s the first recipe you’re going to, isn’t it?

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