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Amy Poehler

Aileen is funner, more clever and a better writer than I am.  I’m good at lots of other things and that makes us a great team.  But when it comes to blog content, she’s the boss. We work together to come up with ideas and I’m happy to step back and play a supporting role.  This week, Aileen took on most of the meaty content and I asked how I could be helpful. She asked, “Do you think you could manage to do our Talent Crush blog on Amy Poehler?”

Can I ever!?  Amy Poehler’s resume of comedic achievements is staggering.  I guess I can spend my weekend doing “research” by re-reading Yes Please, googling “best Amy Poehler SNL skits” and “top 10 best episodes of Parks and Recreation.”  Hmmm, can’t decide on my favorite, guess I’ll have to watch all 10. (Actually, I did decide. It’s Season 3, Episode 9, Andy and April’s Fancy Party because Leslie Knope makes a heroic play for the value of Pros and Cons lists.)   Sorry, kids, mommy won’t be making dinner tonight, she’s got work to do.

Amy Poehler has brought so many hilarious and relatable characters to life and the world is definitely a funnier place because of her.  But she also models a woman who supports other women. Her famous friendship with Tina Fey is #goals for the rest of us mortals and she famously thanked the women who help to raise her children at the Time 100 Gala.  How refreshing. We could all do more to acknowledge and prop up the important women in our lives.

Perhaps my favorite Amy Poehler accomplishment is her project with Meredith Walker, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.  These women have created an organization which helps to combat all of the negativity on social media by sharing stories of young women and girls cultivating their authentic selves.  They do a beautiful job and it’s one of the few social media accounts that I demand my daughters follow. Between that and Teen Vogue, I know they’re getting a daily dose of goodness mixed in with the rest of the garbage.  I hear lots of people my age decrying social media, but few who do anything positive about it.

The most  important thing I discovered from my weekend of Amy Poehler research is that when the movie is made of my friendship/business partnership with Aileen, I will be played by Tina Fey and Aileen will be played by Amy Poehler and it will be perfect.  Yes please.


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