All the Moms

All the Moms

Dear All the Moms,

We see you working. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we know you are doing your best. 

Being a mom might not have turned out the way you thought it would. Sometimes that happens. We hope there is still joy and purpose even if the kids never sit still for the family pictures you had hoped to get taken this year.

Being a mom is a mind bending, body taxing, soul stretching amount of work. And even though we hoped it would get easier as they get older, we forgot we were getting older right along with them. And the troubles grow up, too. But we still love them and they love us and the troubles, sometimes they take themselves out to the front steps for a few hours and we can all enjoy the respite. Hopefully.

Being a mom is what it is. That is a tired expression but it is true. Some things just are and attempting to slap a label on them is an exercise in futility since the thing (in this instance motherhood) shifts and changes and grows so often and so fast the labels fall off almost as soon as we get them on.

So to all the moms, raise your glass or mug or water bottle! We salute you, wherever you might be on this journey of tending and growing and becoming.

We see you working.

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